A Strategic Watershed Partnership of
Austintown, Boardman and Canfield Townships


Ohio EPA 319 Grant Funded Stream Restoration

Boardman, Ohio

CT Project No. 200957

Condition assessment of the Cranberry Run Watershed critical extents led to the district to discover a failed and collapsing 48” Storm Sewer draining 365 acres. Critical watersheds are watersheds where essential watershed functions are already critically impaired or are likely to become critically impaired. In such watersheds, the need for watershed management is the most urgent.

The collapsed pipe had cause sinkholes, land subsidence, property damage, and increased flooding.

The project was flagged by ABC as an early action watershed improvement project. A basis of design was completed and revealed that by daylighting a section of stream reaching the collapsed section of pipe, a natural solution could provide ancillary benefits in addition to correcting the obvious need of reestablishing the primary flow path.

A 319 Grant application was successful.  To obtain the grant, ABC partnered with the Boardman Township Park District to maximize project success.

The result is a restored section of over 204 LF of natural stream and reduced flooding in the Cranberry Run Watershed.



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