A Strategic Watershed Partnership of
Austintown, Boardman and Canfield Townships


General Questions

Does the district have a non-residential discount program?

Yes! For details please visit the District Website Documents page.

Why is the ABC District necessary for dealing with stormwater infrastructure?

As a community develops, there is no funding mechanism that allows a Township to manage a stormwater system. Stormwater systems include any water course, river, stream, and both public and private detention/retention ponds. Townships are also not allowed to spend tax dollars on private property to make improvements to stormwater system whereas the ABC District has that capability.

Is anyone exempt from paying this fee?

No this fee applies to all classifications/designations ie: Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Government, Schools, Churches, Non-Profits, and Parks.

What is the ABC Water and Stormwater District?

ABC Water and Stormwater District is a regional independent political subdivision of the State of Ohio established under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 6119 to provide water, and storm water services to users of the District. It acts as a public utility company and currently services Boardman, and Canfield Townships. Austintown Township has not asked the District to engage in Stormwater controls in its community at this time. The District was formed in 2009 and has a 3 member Board who is appointed by each community’s Board of Trustees.

Does the district have rules or regulations on how it operates?

Yes, to view the entire Code of Regulations please visit the District Website Documents page.

The Code of Regulations includes:

  • Commercial Discount Program
  • Definitions and Criteria for Projects
  • The Fee Structure
  • Appeal Process on Fee Classification
  • Definitions and Terminology
If I live on a county or state road how will this stormwater district help me?

The District can work in the entire service territory to make improvements. It can help improve, repair, and construct stormwater infrastructure on Township, County, and State Right-of-Ways and on Private Property. All of these systems are connected and tie into one another within their watersheds. Careful planning and engineering is needed to ensure improvements are made in a way that does not negatively impact downstream or upstream infrastructure so it is important to look at the entire Stormwater System.

What is the stormwater utility fee and how is it calculated?

The Stormwater Utility Fee is the funding mechanism the district has to make improvements, repairs, and upgrades to the stormwater system.

The District’s Fee is based on non-pervious surfaces, such as roofs, parking lots, driveways etc. To determine this fee the district had to engage an Engineering Firm (CDM Smith) to perform a Non-Pervious Surface Analysis.

 View the Fee Schedule

What is the relationship between the district and the townships?
  • Austintown, Boardman, and Canfield Township Trustees select one representative from their respective Township to the sit on the ABC District Board.
  • Funding that is collected form the Stormwater Utility Fee in each community will stay within that community.
  • Projects that would be beneficial to both communities will share in cost – Engineering, Construction and Maintenance
  • The District will work with the Townships to provide funding for new projects, repairs, and maintenance of stormwater infrastructure within the districts services territory.