This page is dedicated to providing Water and Stormwater information to the general public.

ABC Stormwater and Watershed Maps are provided below by Township.  Additional information will be added as collected by the District.

Boardman Township

Stormwater System Maps by Quadrant:

Watershed Maps:

Canfield Township

Stormwater System Map:

Hydrology Map:

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OhioEPA Information and Resources

In open fields, forests and wetlands, most rain is absorbed by the soil or taken up by plants and trees. In developed areas, rain or snow that falls on impermeable roofs, parking lots, streets and lawns is not absorbed. This … read more

Understanding Stormwater Management
Stormwater vs. wastewater

Wastewater is generated from within homes, businesses and industries. It originates from kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc., as well as from industrial and manufacturing processes. Water from these sources flows through a county or city’s wastewater treatment … read more

Types and Function of Stormwater Facilities

Stormwater facilities can range from simple and small (e.g., a bio-filtration swale with mowed grass) to large and complex (e.g., ponds or underground structures with piping systems).

What they have in common is a design that collects stormwater and in … read more

How You Can Help

Regardless of whether your area is served by a public or a private stormwater treatment system, it is desirable to minimize the amount of runoff that reaches that system, while also keeping harmful pollutants to a minimum. Here are steps … read more